Family History: Hobby, passion or obsession?

Welcome to the Passionate Genealogist blog. My goal is to share stories and provide information and encouraging support to those who have embarked on this wonderful journey of researching family history.

Researching family history has become a very important part of my life. It is not only my profession where I help others find their ancestors; it is also my hobby as I find my own links to the past. When I travel genealogy is always involved whether by attending conferences, going to libraries and archives to do research or giving lectures. I must say I prefer a dark microfilm reading room or roaming cemeteries to a hot sunny beach.

My family has said that my passion for genealogy has turned into obsession but then there is a very fine line between the two. All I know is that I get great enjoyment out of finding new information and new links. It doesn’t matter if it is with my own family or my clients; I get the same great excitement.

Personal and client family history isn’t my only reason to do research. I have found interesting individuals in my community and other places. These people have taken my fancy for some reason and off I go again. Local history projects that I am undertaking also provide new research opportunities.

I will tell you the stories of my own research and the research into those that have taken my fancy in future blog entries.

Is family history a hobby, a passion or an obsession for me? Yes to all three.

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