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My Bourne family has left a lot of really good records behind. I have been lucky for the most part with my research into this family. Walter Bourne and his son Walter were solicitors in Dublin and both held the post of Clerk of the Crown for the Queen’s Bench and Deputy Clerk of the Crown for the northeast circuit. Walter junior took on the job after his father retired.

The family lived in Taney parish, Dundrum, Dublin County. They also lived and worked in Harcourt Street Dublin.

A very good book was researched by Mary A. Strange and Elizabeth B. Fitzgerald and written by Mary A. Strange in 1970 called “The Bourne(s) Families of Ireland” I had the great privilege of getting to know her and she sent me a copy of her book. Mary’s book covers the research of her Bourne(s) family as well as others that she believed were connected but she had not been able to make that connection yet.

The book is divided into three parts one on the different locations where the Bourne ancestors of Hannah Maria (Maxwell) Bourne lived and the other relating to Hannah Maria (Maxwell) Bourne and her descendents. Mary and Elizabeth were connected to Hannah Maria (Maxwell) Bourne. The last part is related to the pedigrees of Dr. Lorton Wilson. My Bourne family was included in the last part of the book.

No connection has yet been made between my Bourne line and Mary’s but I am still researching. New records come up every day. I am researching parish registers and writing down all names that may relate to Bourne. So far I have come up with Bourne, Bourn, Bourns, Bournes, Byrne, Burne, Burn, Bryn and Bowrn. I believe this wall can be broken down it will just take a little time and perseverance.

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  • maxwell Bourne

    I am living in Australia and am interested in your research.

  • Rosemary Bourne

    I am also an Australian, and very interested in reseach around the Bourne family, having a somewhat blended family as we do, being from the Sydney district.

  • Rosemary Bourne

    If you are still doing research on the Bourne family, I would be interested in getting in touch. I live in Wicklow, Ireland, and my family have been here since 1860. I believe there is a connection with Harcourt Street, and also with Chancellor Richard Bourne who was rector of St.Werburgh’s Church in Dublin, but can’t get the connecting thread.

  • Patricia McDonagh

    Hi Ruth, My great uncle Robert William McDonogh was the first husband to Elizabeth Henderson Bourns born in 1843 at Hatley Manor, Carrick-on Shannon, Co Leitrim . Her father was Arthur Henderson Bourns and her mother was Jane Elizabeth Browne. They went on to have 5 children of which I have a good deal of information about them, which I could pass on to you if you are interested. Regards Patricia McDonagh

    • Ruth Blair

      Thank you for the information Patricia. I will let you know if I need information about the children.

    • Gerry Corcoran

      Hi my mother was a Bourne from mayo.I am in possession of Mary Strange book about the Bourne family.a section deals with the Bourne of Hatley Manor Carrickonshannpn.a recent development is the discovery that Sophie rhys jones married to prince Edward has connections to the mayo bournes .I could send you on excerpts from the book about the Harley manor bournes if you would like.Thank you Gerry Corcoran

  • Christabel Bourne

    Hi Ruth,

    I am starting to research the Bourne family after finding last year what we believe is my G G Grandfathers (Walter Bourne) grave at St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin. I would love to see if there is any connection here.

    Thanks so much

    Christabel Bourne

  • Frances Rouse

    Dear Ruth,
    Another Australian correspondent! I am tracing my Brown/e ancestors. The name “Henderson” crops up too. My main interest is the ancestors of my gg-grandfather Arthur Brown/e, apothecary and commissioner of Boyle, co. Roscommon 1811-1871 – he married Mary Rose Lennon in 1837. His father may be David Brown of Fraser’s Fencibles?
    Could they be related to Jane Elizabeth Browne?
    I’d be grateful for any leads.

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