Canadian Genealogy Centre – Births, Marriages and Deaths Section

The Births, Marriages and Deaths section at the Canadian Genealogy Centre covers most topics relating to these life events.

The topic of Adoption helps those who are searching for their birth families by providing links and historical references to the subject.

Births/Baptisms provide links to provinces and territories to help those searching for a birth record. When you click on the link it provides a brief history of civil registration in that province and provides details on where to go for more information. They also make available information on looking for a Canadian birth that happened abroad.

Under the topic Cemeteries it provides a brief description of what information you may find at the cemetery. There are links to online sources as well as information on other places to search.

The topic Church Indexes refers to French/Quebec marriages and again you are given links and advice to help with your research.

Civil Registration is similar to Births/Baptisms where it provides you with a list of provinces and territories along with a description of their civil registration records.

In Deaths/Burials you are again linked to civil registration and it gives a brief description of what you may find in the records. They provide information on how to find records at Library and Archives Canada as well as other sources.

Divorce was granted by private acts of Parliament from 1840-1968. There is a name index database that you can search to find the reference and then you can search the appropriate publication to find out more information. They also provide information on other sources you can search as well as provincial and territorial links for divorce records.

The Marriages topic again provides a description of what you may find in the record as well as provincial and territorial links. There is a database for Upper and Lower Canada Marriage Bonds. You get a reference entry as well as a digital image of the record.

Parish registers gives you links to church and provincial/territorial archives. They describe how to search the Library and Archives Canada database to see if they have something relating to the church you are researching.

Wills is the final topic in this section. The Centre gives you a brief outline of the subject and provides provincial/territorial links to find more information. These records are mostly held at the provincial/territorial level.

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