New additions to ScotlandsPeople

It has recently been announced that there will be new additions to the wills and testaments at ScotlandsPeople. The years 1902-1925 are to be released later this year.

They have also released the Catholic Parish Registers for births and baptisms for 1703 to 1908. The website suggests you read about the Catholic Parish Registers before using the database.

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The Generations Project

Did you enjoy watching Who Do You Think You Are this spring? If you liked the celebrity family histories but wished you could see family histories of ordinary people then The Generations Project is for you.

This is a project that follows ordinary people on their search for their family’s history. The episodes can be viewed online and are between fifty and sixty minutes long. They cover many different areas of research. The main idea is the story behind the search for your family history.

Why not check it out at The Generations Project.

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Canadian Genealogy Centre – School Records

The last topic is School Records. Since this is usually taken care of by the provincial and territorial governments there are few records at Library Archives Canada. You will find some information for Aboriginal records and Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East: Civil Secretary, records relating to education at Library Archives Canada.

This is the last of the Most Requested Records section to be found at the Canadian Genealogy Centre. You will find other sections entitled How to Begin, What You Can Do, and Learning Resources.

Visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre and spend an afternoon exploring the online resources they offer.

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The Canadian Genealogy Centre – Other Topics

Other Topics covers a wide range of alternative records. The first is Criminal Records. They provide a long list of records that are available at Library Archives Canada.

You will find records for:

Lower Canada and Canada East: Civil Secretary Gaol calendars and prison returns;
Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada: Provincial Secretary and Registrar;
Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East: Civil Secretary Court Records;
Lower Canada and Canada East: Police Records;
Upper Canada and Canada West: Civil and Provincial Secretaries;
Registrar General: Warrants and Pardons;
North West Mounted Police records;
Capital Case Files for people convicted of murder;
Inmate Case Files for federal penitentiaries;
Operational Records of the Penitentiary Branch, 1834-1962;
Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston, Ontario which include: Prisoners’ Record Book 1843-1890; Warden’s Letterbook, 1848-1856; Kingston Penitentiary liberation and punishment books 1834-1974;
Stony Mountain Penitentiary, Stony Mountain, Manitoba which includes Stony Mountain, Inmate Admittance Registers, 1871-1921;
and other penitentiary records.

There is a list of provincial archives and court locations for research in each province and territory. You will also find a description of what is available in Quebec for the very early administration justice records.

To get a complete description of what is available visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre.

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