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We now look at the Published Sources section of the Canadian Genealogy Centre. The first subject is Newspapers. They break them down into daily, ethnic, Native and student newspapers.

The Canadian Genealogy Centre explains what you may find in newspapers and provide several useful links to online sources. They also have a link to what they call Newspapers List. This is a whole section on what newspapers are available at Library and Archives Canada. The introduction gives a brief explanation and then you can use the links on the left side to go to other options such as microform holdings. Here you will get a brief description on how to search the records. You then choose the link Geographical List and this takes you to a list of the provinces and territories. Click on the one of your choice and this provides a list of the newspapers available for your area of interest. The list is alphabetical by geographic location and provides the dates and microform type available. You also get the call number so you can order the newspaper.

The Indexes to Canadian Newspapers provides a series of online and other sources to find indexes to Canadian newspapers. The topics include general, geographical, source title and newspaper title.

You can also check lists for Canadian newspapers currently received, Aboriginal newspapers, Canadian Ethnic newspapers currently received, International newspapers currently received and news online.

City Directories is the next topic. You get a description of what you may find in city directories and why they are useful to the genealogist. The earliest directory in Quebec City is 1791; Montreal is 1819; and Toronto is 1832. They provide research tips and a few digital images to show you what to expect.

Local Histories and Family Histories are the next two topics. They are very similar in what is offered. They both have a short description of what you will find and a link to a Bibliography List. When you use the link it takes you to a long list of bibliography subjects. When you chose Local or Family Histories you get a concise list of books.

Official Publications is the last option in Published Sources. LAC talks about the Canada Gazette, the Statutes of Canada and Sessional Papers and what might be found in them. There is also a link to AMICUS the online catalogue for LAC.

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