Canadian Genealogy Centre – Heraldry, Names, Notarial Records and Orphanages

Heraldry, Names, Notarial Records and Orphanages are the next subjects under Other Topics.

Heraldry and Names provide descriptions and advice as well as helpful links and bibliographies.

Notarial Records exist only for the province of Quebec. These were private agreements written by notaries for such things as marriage contracts; inventories; leases; engagements; obligations; wills; and sales.

The website gives a good description of what is available and where to go when you are searching different time periods. The information and archival location changes for the different time periods.

Orphanages also has a good description of what you can expect to find. They list what is available at Library Archives Canada. You can find information on:

Protestant Orphans’ Home -Orphans’ Home of Ottawa;
Weredale House – The Boys’ Home of Montreal;
Summerhill Homes – the Montreal Protestant Orphan Asylum;
Industrial Removal Office which was for the Hebrew Orphans Home in Toronto;
and Juvenile Inspection Reports which mostly relate to Home Children.

There are links to online sources as well as other institutions.

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  1. I am searching for a child who I gave up for adoption in 1967. I know he was sent to Weredale orphanage from the Catherine Booth Hospital in Montreal, and adopted after a few months of age. I wish to make myself available to him should he desire to know about me or meet me.
    He was named Sean Allan Goodwin at birth on March (23?), 1967.
    Thank you for any information or leads you may provide.

    Eileen Goodwin

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