Do You Utilize the Resources at your Local Library?

Since the Internet has become so prevalent in our daily lives it is almost as if some people have forgotten the resources at their local library. Any library that is lucky enough to have available funds have put some of their resources online. There is still an awful lot of information that is not available online and it seems like a lot of people forget that point.

Do you know what resources are held at your local library in the local history section? I know my library has a special area for local history and all the books, maps, microfilms and other related items are held in that area. There are three microfilm readers to read the films that are stored in the cabinets. I know my library has the indexes to birth, marriage and deaths in Ontario. They also have all the census records as well as land and assessment records for my county. There is a small collection of year books from the area high schools. They also have historic newspapers on microfilm. These are not indexed but are a real treasure trove of information. The newspapers are only available at my local library and are not online.

Do you know the name of your local history librarian? If you do not I would suggest you find out as they are a wonderful resource for information on the local area. If the library does not have the information themselves then I am sure the librarian will be able to point you in the right direction.

Do you have a brick wall that you just can not seem to break? Maybe your librarian can help you chip away at it. They may know of resources that you had not thought of before. They may be acquainted with a special record that is not widely known about but can provide you with more information.

It is a sign of the times that the first place everyone turns to for answers is the internet. They forget the wonderful resources that are available in their own backyard at their local library. Why not make an effort to go into your local library this week. Have a chat with the local history librarian and see what you can find to help you with your family history research. If you cannot disconnect from the internet why not check out your library’s website to see what you can find. Maybe even email a question through “Ask a Librarian”.

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