Nova Scotia Archives Film Collection

The Nova Scotia Archives have put some of their film collection on You Tube. There are currently 67 Silent, Black & White Films, 33 Silent, Colour Films and 19 Sound, Colour Films.

The topics range from the V.E. Day Riots (1945), the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion (1917) and Beauty Spots of Nova Scotia (1940). Each movie comes with a written description of the event and the name of the filmmaker. The film of the Halifax Explosion is particularly heartbreaking.

There are films from Quebec’s Gaspe region and Yarmouth New York. Anywhere a Nova Scotian visited with a movie camera could be represented.

The site contains home movies with the activity and place names included in the description as well as the name of the filmmaker. Can you spot your ancestor in any of these?

You will find a movie of the iconic Bluenose Schooner’s last race in October 1938.

Most of the movies were filmed in the first half of the last century and it is a wonderful journey through Nova Scotia during this time.

The Nova Scotia Channel on You Tube is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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