Advent Calendar – Holiday Foods

When we were in Dublin Ireland for Christmas the main event was the Limerick ham that was sent to my Grandparents from my Grandpa’s Aunt Girlie. There is nothing like a Limerick ham.

Another Irish tradition was the spiced beef. This was a particular favourite of my Grandpa’s and I enjoyed it as well. I found a recipe so that I could make it here and eventually found one shop in the area that made it for the holidays.

Our Christmas dinner was the usual roast turkey and ham. We had mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and turnips and sometimes carrots. My mother made the best sage, onion and sausage stuffing.

Dessert was a plum pudding with the coins wrapped in foil and stuck inside for us to find. Around the base of the pudding holly branches were put on for decoration. The pudding was set aflame and the lights turned out as it was presented to the table. Pouring custard was served on the side.

Over the years things have changed. Now our Christmas dinner consists of roast beef with brussel sprouts, turnip and roast potatoes. Dessert is always something different.

The dinner table was always dressed with Christmas napkins, crackers and candles. Just before dessert is served the crackers are pulled and everyone puts on those silly paper hats. How many of you have a Christmas photograph with people wearing those colourful paper hats?

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