Linen Hall Library Collections at the Belfast Telegraph

The Linen Hall Library has put digital images from their postcard, cartoon and map collections on the Belfast Telegraph website. You can view the image and purchase a copy. The words Belfast Telegraph appear right in the middle of the image and while I understand they have done this to prevent people downloading the images, it is a little off putting and can make it difficult to clearly see the image.

Despite this it is worth going in and having a look at what is available. The postcard images may be found in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast but they cover all areas of Ireland. They show Ireland in a simpler time. The cartoons take you back in time and some can be humourous. The maps section is not as large as the other two.

One thing that would be nice is if we had the ability to enlarge the image and manipulate it to better see some areas. This is particularly true for the maps. A date or year of the document would also be useful.

Have a look around the website and see what can be found. I spent an enjoyable hour looking at the images.

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