The Top Five for Scottish Family History Research

These are my top five lists of books, blogs and websites that can assist you with your family history research in Scotland. Do you have any that you feel should be added? If so please leave a comment.


The Gazetteer of Scotland 1882” by Rev. John Wilson published by Global Heritage Press

Tracing your Scottish Ancestry” by Kathleen B. Cory; revised and updated by Leslie Hodgson; published by Genealogical Publishing Co.

Discover Scottish Church Records” by Chris Paton; published by Unlock the Past Australia

Tracing your Scottish Family History” by Anthony Adolph; published by Firefly Books Ltd.

Scottish Local History: An Introductory Guide” by David Moody; published by Genealogical Publishing Co.


Chris Paton: Walking in Eternity

Scottish GENES (GEnealogy News and EventS)

Scottish Genealogist Blog

The Scottish Military Research Group

Brenda Dougall Merriman’s Blog



National Library of Scotland – Post Office Directories

Scottish Emigration Database

National Library of Scotland – Maps of Scotland

Statistical Accounts of Scotland

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2 thoughts on “The Top Five for Scottish Family History Research”

  1. Wow, very flattered to be included 3 times! 🙂

    I would absolutely add the following books. The best guides that have helped me in the past (as well as that of the great Kathleen Cory which started me off!) are “In Search of Scottish Ancestry” by Gerald Hamilton-Edwards (Phillimore, 1972, 1983, 1986) and the “National Index of Parish Registers Volume XII: Sources for Scottish Genealogy and Family History” by D.J.Steel (Phillimore, 1970). Both are pre-internet, but extremely authoritative. A big shout also for Rosemary Bigwood’s “The Scottish Family Tree Detective”, superbly written.

    “A History of the Scottish People 1560-1830” by T.C. Smout is also very useful for context!


    1. Thanks for the other suggestions Chris. I have Gerald Hamilton-Edwards and T.C. Smout in my collection as well.

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