Historic Maps of Nova Scotia – A Must See!

Historic Maps of Nova Scotia is a website run by the Government of Nova Scotia and it is a work in progress.

You can find an Outline Map of Nova Scotia which identifies and explains the eighteen counties and their boundaries; Woolford’s Surveys: The Roads from Halifax to Windsor and Truro, 1817-1818; Google map of Nova Scotia and fifty five individual maps that relate to many areas of Nova Scotia.

The individual maps range from 1613 to 1995. When you click on the image of the map you get a larger version that you can navigate and investigate further. Descriptions of the map or any place notations are noted below the map.

The Outline Map shows the eighteen counties and also provides information on their shire town, when they were created and what they were created from such as other counties. There are a few footnotes to this section that provides further explanation.

Woolford’s survey is 18 sheets of maps and there is a history of the origins of the survey.

There is an extra bonus of a link to Atlantic Neptune Charts which is a four volume atlas of sea charts that were published during the American Revolutionary War. There are 181 digitized images to search. This is found on the National Maritime Museum website and you have the option of purchasing copies of the images.

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