National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) and Family History

Last year I found out that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and thought it would be a great idea for someone who is trying to write their family history stories.

The idea behind NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel from scratch in a month’s time. Writing a novel is not something many of us are looking to do at the moment but writing family history stories is something that we want to accomplish.

NaNoWriMo could be the impetus we need to get started writing those stories. The idea of writing 50,000 words might be a little daunting but you could make that number 10,000 words. You could start writing your outlines and ideas down now so that you have a starting point for the first of November.

I am working on a local history project that would fit in beautifully with this idea. So that is going to be my focus for the month of November. I am going to write my local history project and get a rough draft done by the end of the month. The idea is not to have a book completed and ready for publishing by the end of the month it is to get the project started.

Writing your family history stories is a great way to find any gaps in your research. You think you have it all done and when you go to write it up you realize that there is some missing information.

I am putting a challenge out there to everyone who wants to write their family history. Use the month of November and NaNoWriMo to get you started. Let me know how you are getting along with the project. I will post updates on the Blair Archival Research Facebook page to let you know how I am getting along.

Now let’s get writing!

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2 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) and Family History”

  1. What a great idea! The Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society has a special interest group for those members interested in genealogical writing. At our next meeting I will challenge the group to a GenWriMo. The guidelines will need modifying, but it may get the procrastinators, including me, writing our family stories.


    P.S. Just found your blog via the Halton-Peel Branch, OGS newsletter. So many interesting topics! Thanks.

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