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Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

Rainy Day Genealogy Readings has a post called “Defining Research, Part One” where she looks at what it means to do research. It is a very interesting blog post.

The Irish Story blog had a very good book review by Padraig Óg Ó Ruairc of the book “The Black & Tans: British Police and Auxiliaries in the Irish War of Independence, 1920-1921”. The book was written by David M. Leeson. The post provides both the positive and negative aspects of this book.

They also had a post called “The Member From Mayo” written by Jane Stanford. She writes about John O’Connor Power and his influence over the fight for Irish Independence. It is an exciting story. These blog posts make me want to read the books they are highlighting.

The Paperless Genealogist has created a how to video for OneNote. You can find out more in his post “Introduction to OneNote For Genealogists”.

The Global Gazette has an article this week called “Save Library & Archives Canada Movement Gaining Traction” which looks at the shameful budget and personnel reductions the government is imposing on LAC. There is a link in the article where you can go to support LAC and preserving Canada’s history.

The Scottish Military Research Group blog are adding to their series “Behind the Name” in honour of Remembrance Day. The names come from Scottish War Memorials and highlight the achievements of those remembered. They begin with a post entitled “Seaman James Anderson – Behind the Name”.

The Ontario Genealogical Society blog has a post entitled “What genealogical books do you wish existed?” They have a publishing branch of the society and they are looking for suggestions for books especially “how to” books. Here is your chance to suggest a resource book that you would like to see published.

Are there any postings in the last week that you think need to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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