Advent Calendar – Christmas Gifts

Geneabloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.

My favourite Christmas gift to give is my baked goods. They always seem to get a good reception. It started small with cookies and then moved on to chocolates of all kinds.

One year Christmas cakes were the gift of choice. They were covered with marzipan and rolled fondant with decorations on top. Some of the decorations were made with fondant and some were plastic. Another year it was gingerbread houses with the insides filled with chocolates.

My Irish Grandmother gave me two pieces of Royal Doulton called “The Bride” and “The Bridesmaid.” They had been given them as a wedding present and hold special memories.

This was originally published in December 2010

Christmas gifts need to be wrapped. Learn more about the history of gift wrapping at “The Evolution of Gift Wrapping” from CBS Sunday Morning.

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