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Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

The Ancestry Insider had two interesting posts this week. The first was called “What Does it Take to Get a Good Result from” this is something everyone who uses wants to know.

The other post is “A Monstrosity, Wonderful Thing” which looks at FamilySearch and the new product that they are working on called Family Tree.

The Irish Story had a post called “Book Review: Ireland’s Arctic Siege” which looks at the “Big Freeze of 1947.” I found this of interest as my parents were living in Ireland at that time. My Mum didn’t remember the big freeze but my Dad had a few recollections.

Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors! Blog has a post about “Using EBooks For Your Genealogy Research” where they provide a link to a wonderful website and an interview with the person who set it up.

The Library and Archives Canada blog has an announcement about a new podcast series that will be released once a month. The first is “Discover Library and Archives Canada: Your History, Your Documentary Heritage.”

Other bloggers that write their own lists are:

Genea-Musings – Best of the Genea-Blogs

TransylvanianDutch – Week in Review

British & Irish Genealogy

What were your favourite blog posts this past week?

Let me know in the comments below.

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