Ruth’s Recommendations

Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

The blog had a post called “The Quagmire of Administrative Districts – Part 2” which looks at Irish Poor Law Unions, Dispensary districts and Registrars’ Districts.

The Family Recorder blog had a post called “Tuesday’s tip – using the London Gazette” which reminds us of the usefulness of this free resource.

The Irish Genealogy News blog has been very busy this week. They wrote a post called “Monumental Roadshow for grass-roots heritage” which is about the Historic Graves Roadshow providing educational workshops to local communities to help preserve the grave markers in local cemeteries. I think something like that would be a wonderful resource to any community in the world.

They also looked at “Ireland Inspires campaign launched” which is a project of the Federation of Irish Societies in the UK. It is “an umbrella organization for Irish groups in the UK.” This campaign is being launched in conjunction with the Olympics and it is promoting Irish culture.

The Irish Genealogy News blog has another post called “How to kill off goodwill, in one easy lesson.” This refers to the changes at RootsIreland regarding their fee structure and the new charges for search results. Chris Paton of British GENES also has a post regarding this issued called “Adding to the RootsIreland chorus.”

The blog has a post entitled “Illusionary Order: Cautionary Notes for Online Newspapers” which provides very important information regarding index searches in online newspaper databases. I would recommend reading this post before you do your next online newspaper database search.

The last blog post is a wonderful reminder from Library and Archives Canada called “1921 Census countdown!” The 1921 Canadian census will be given to LAC on 1 June 2013 and it is their intention to put it online as they have other census records. This will probably take a couple of years but at least it is closer. This was the first census taken after the First World War.

What were your favourite blog posts this past week?

Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Ruth’s Recommendations”

  1. Carolyn pambrun

    Why can’t we look up our aboriginal ancestry on line, records from department of Indian Affairs, treaty annuitity paylists???? Why must we get authorization to see these records?

    1. Not all records are digitized. The federal government manage and control the Native records and they have a strict rule about privacy. This could be why these records are difficult to access.

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