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Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

There is some sad news in the genealogy world in Ireland. The Genealogy News blog reports that the free genealogy service at the National Archives of Ireland has been cancelled. This was a wonderful service and it is sad to see it go. It seems the National Archives and National Library in Ireland are in as much trouble as Library and Archives Canada.

The National Archives UK blog has a post called “How a conservator helped uncover Jubilee records” which is a fascinating post.

Genea-Musings had two posts this week that were interesting called “Creating Research Notes in RootsMagic 5 – Post 1 and Post 2.” I use RootsMagic so these posts have been bookmarked so that I can go through them and learn more. I love his easy to follow step by step process.

GeneaPress has a post called “Genealogy Jamboree Streamed Sessions Announced.” I have already signed up for a few this weekend. There is limited space so if you find something interesting sign up now.

Marian’s Roots and Rambles blog has a thought-provoking post entitled “Sharing and Genealogy.” There is a discussion in the comments section of this post.

What were your favourite blog posts this past week?

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