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Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

Eneclann had a post called “Jonathan Swift and genealogy” this week. This is in honour of the fifth Swift Satire Festival in Trim Ireland. Helen Moss takes a look at “what Jonathan Swift might have made of genealogy and discusses his own much talked about family history.” It makes for very interesting reading.

The Auckland City Libraries “Kintalk Whānau Kōrero: family history blog” has a post called “PapersPast just keeps the heritage newspapers coming!” It seems that the digitization of newspapers in New Zealand has had another boost with the release of “The New Zealand Herald (1863-1884) and the last batch of “The Auckland Star (1927-1945).” It is great that some National Libraries are taking on the challenge of digitizing their newspaper holdings. My wish would be that Library and Archives Canada would do the same thing.

The National Archives UK blog had two posts this week. The first is “Planning a Visit” which provides tips for planning a research trip to almost any repository. The next is “A view from the counter” which was written by Sally Hughes who works in the book shop at the Archives. I love to visit bookshops in archives, museums and galleries. They carry interesting and very different items than other shops.

The Irish Story blog has a post called “The Irish Civil War – A brief overview” which provides a succinct overview of the conflict. This is important for any Irish researcher to understand even if your people left before the civil war happened.

British GENES has a post entitled “The tragedy of modern Irish genealogy” which looks at a post written for the Irish Times Irish Roots blog by John Grenham. I like Chris Paton’s suggestion to have them meet in Bewley’s to hash out their differences. As Chris said “there’s no better place to wake up and smell the coffee.”

What were your favourite blog posts this past week?

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