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Here are my favourite blog posts from this past week.

The Family Recorder had a post called “You know you’re a genealogist when…” It is very true and a few new ones were added in the comments section.

Irish Genealogy News has a post called “Cheaper digital options now available from Eneclann.” This is great news. I wonder how long it will take to have all their titles added to the digital catalogue.

The Ancestry Insider has a post called “Serendipity at the BYU Conference” which is a wonderful story of the magic of serendipity in genealogy. I wish something like that would happen to me sometimes.

The We Tree Genealogy Blog has a post called “1000!” Congratulations Amy on your 1000th post! I loved her look back at some of her posts.

Gena’s Genealogy blog has a post called “100 Social History Websites” What a plethora of websites to visit and add to my bookmarks!

What were your favourite blog posts this past week?

Let me know in the comments below.

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