Irish Life & Lore An archive of Irish voices

Irish Life & Lore An archive of Irish voices” is a website offering an interesting service. They have captured “…over 3,000 voices …. as they discuss their own lives and histories, along with personal and family experiences of events in Irish national and social history.”

You can purchase a CD or download a MP3 of the recordings. The MP3’s cost around €7.00. You can browse or search the catalogue online. The catalogue can be searched by county name, non-county collection or keyword.

The keywords under browse are Ancient monuments; Funeral undertaking; Gardaí Siochána; 1916; ESB [Electric Supply Board]; World War One; Blacksmithing: Missionaries; Smuggling; World War Two; GAA [Gaelic Athletic Association]; and Gaelic football.

They provide a service to help people “Record and Preserve Your Family Voices.”

Some of their recordings have been turned into books.

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