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Here are my favourite blog posts from the past few weeks.

Dear Myrtle responded to the genealogy column entitled “Drive-by genealogists should learn a few rules” by Sharon Tate Moody. Dear Myrtle’s post was entitled “The Proof is in the Pudding.” Since I enjoy cooking, and baking in particular, this post resonated with me.

The Family Curator had a post called “Chasing Descendants and Finding Family History” where she describes her trip to England and France and the family history discoveries she found. Not all of them were from the past.

The Family Recorder had a post called “Goodbye Desperate Dan, happy birthday British Newspaper Archive” which looks at the first anniversary of the British Newspaper Archive and the sad demise of a long loved children’s comic called “Dandy.” My Grandmother used to mail this comic to me on a regular basis so it is part of my childhood despite the fact that I didn’t live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Read the post to find out how Dandy and the British Newspaper Archive are connected.

The FamilySearch blog had a post called “What do I Need to Restore Damaged Photographs? Part One” where James Tanner begins a series of posts to help us with the equipment and software needed to digitize our photographs. Then he will look at a very important aspect of digitizing a collection which is how to manage the collection.

What were your favourite blog posts from the past few weeks?

Let me know in the comments below.

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