A Christmas Contest for my Readers!

While at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in September I interviewed Harvey Baker of Saving Memories Forever. I asked him ten questions about his genealogy research. You can listen to his interview here.

Saving Memories Forever helps you record, save and share your family stories with others. They provide a how to video to help you get started. You can try it for free but must register to record and share your family stories. The App is free to download and you can save some stories to the website but the Premium subscription provides more services.

There is a page called “Free vs Fee: What’s the Difference?” where you can find out more about the extras you get with a subscription.

The apps leads you through the entire process even providing a list of questions you may want to ask and will automatically upload the finished story to the website. You can add pictures to your story and share your stories with others.

The website says that “in order to record and upload the stories directly from your computer the stories need to be in a MP3 format.” They provide you with a Quick Start Guide for the Website and there is a complete Users Guide in PDF format that is downloadable.

If you want to keep everything private that is not a problem.

There is an app for your iPhone or Android and you can record the stories onto your Android or iPhone and then save them to the Saving Memories Forever website. I used the app on my iPod and it worked great. It was so easy to record and upload the information.

There is a section called “Helpful Hints” where they provide tips on how to record and tag your family stories.

You can find out more at their website.

The Passionate Genealogist has a one year Premium Subscription to give away. This would be a great product to use over the holidays while the family are all gathered together. You can collect the stories and upload them to the website to preserve and share them with the family.

To win all you have to do is tell me who you would most like to interview this holiday season. Make sure you include your email address and I will randomly pick a winner using Random Number Generator on 21 December 2012.

Good Luck Everyone!

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5 thoughts on “A Christmas Contest for my Readers!”

  1. If they were still alive, I would love to interview my grandparents. However, since they all have passed away, I would choose a combination of my mother and my father. Both have such rich stories to tell that I know their grandchildren currently enjoy, so I would love for future generations to be able to as well.

  2. Great idea! I would love to interview my Mother. She’s eternal in my eyes, but I’m beginning to realize that she’s slowly getting on in years and we should start recording those family memories for future generations, including her grandchildren. Season’s greetings to all! 😀

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  4. I would love to interview a first cousin – twice removed – about her mother Katie. In the course of my research I have gained access to everything Katie saved including letters and photos of my direct line. In the course of sorting through all these letters and photos, I have come to feel a strong affinity with Katie… I would love to interview her daughter (who is still alive) to find out more about this woman who kept my family alive for me!!

  5. I will be interviewing my dad over the holidays to try to learn as much as I can about his side of the family. I love talking to him about the family and as he is getting on in years and as his memory is starting to fail, this will be my best opportunity to get as much information as I can to help in my family history research.

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