Organizing my trip to the NGS conference in Las Vegas – Lists lots of lists!

Conferences are great fun and I enjoy attending them. I have already set up the NGS App on my IPod and have my schedule in it. I like the fact that I don’t have to be online to use it which is helpful if you can’t get internet access. The maps are great and I have got a rough idea of where things are located. I have even marked the vendors in the marketplace that I want to visit. We also got some tickets to go and see the Donny and Marie show. I am a child of the seventies and they are considered the best show on the strip. The confirmation for the hotel has come through and the flights are booked. Now what to pack?

I am one of the in-between generation. I was not brought up with computers so I use both computers and the old fashioned pen and paper. I am slowly getting away from the paper as I find more time to learn the new programs that are available and hope to learn more about these programs at NGS. There are lectures on Evernote, Rootsmagic and Scrivener so I will be attending those.

There is a lecture entitled “Landlords and Tenants: Land and Estate Records for Irish Family History Research” with Brian Donovan. This lecture is sponsored by and I am hoping to learn more about Irish land records. This lecture focuses on the tenants but I would also like to learn something about records for the landlords.

Paul Milner is presenting “Finding Ancestors through Their Lawsuits in English Chancery Court” which may help me learn more about a few of my English ancestors.

“Organizing Your Family History Electronically” is one lecture I really need to attend as I am in the process of changing things over to digital and have amassed a collection of digital files that need organizing.

One lecture I am really looking forward to hearing is “Would the Real Molly Brown Please Stand Up?” One of my favourite movies is “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” starring Debbie Reynolds and would like to know more about the real Molly Brown.

I will be attending my first NGS Banquet this year. The speakers at this event are Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Mark Hall-Patton of “Pawn Stars.” Mark is the Museums Administrator for the Clark County museum system.

As an Official Blogger for the NGS Conference I get no remuneration but I do get to meet new people and learn new things while at the same time sharing them with you.

Are you going to the conference in Las Vegas? If you are please come and find me and say hello. One of the best parts of a conference is meeting the people who follow my blog.

This could be one time when what happens in Vegas won’t necessarily stay in Vegas.

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