NGS Conference Richmond Virginia – Day 3 #NGS2014gen


Well, we are now in the home stretch of the NGS conference in Richmond. Tomorrow is our last day.

Today my day started with “How to Progress from Notes to a Draft Article” with Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG. His presentation was very informative and he encouraged us to write our family history stories and submit them to publications.

I did not attend a lecture in the next slot, instead I went to the marketplace and did a little shopping. I have now visited all the vendors I had marked off in the app before the conference. I found most of what I was looking for which is good. My bag was full so it was time to attend another lecture.

This lecture was “Writing for Your Audience” by Linda Coffin her lecture gave us a different point of view to writing your family history. It needs to be more than names or dates if our families are going to read our work.

Today’s luncheon was hosted by the Genealogical Speakers Guild/International Society of Family History Writers and Editors and the speaker was the incomparable John Philip Colletta, PhD and his lecture was “The Keepers and I: Tales of Accessing Historical Sources.” His PowerPoint presentation was unbelievable and he had the room roaring with laughter.

I hadn’t chosen a lecture in the slot after lunch and a friend suggested I go to see Judy Russell’s “The Seanachie: Linking Life and the Law Through Storytelling.” Judy is always entertaining and her lecture was quite enlightening. Everyone remembers our parents saying “don’t take candy from strangers.” Judy found out why that is and it related to a kidnapping in the mid 1800s.

The last lecture of the day was D. Joshua Taylor’s “Criminals, Soldiers, and Apprentices: Unique UK Records for Your Research.” He started by showing the wonderful things that can be found in the British Newspaper Collection on Findmypast and went on to show what can be found in the other record groups on Findmypast.

Tonight we went to dinner at the Tobacco Company and it was fantastic. I had been there in 2007, the last time the NGS conference was in Richmond.

Now it is time to get ready for tomorrow and decide what lecture I will be attending at 8 am. It is one of those slots where I have more than one choice!


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