The Experiences of a #NOTatRootsTech Attendee

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Last year I attended RootsTech and got to experience it all up close and personal. I wasn’t able to go this year but was able to experience RootsTech just the same. RootsTech have always live streamed the opening sessions and some lectures and this makes it possible to feel like you are part of it all.

You don’t get to attend the socials, parties, or other events and you can’t walk the exhibit hall. I still felt very much a part of it all because I was active on Twitter and the app called Periscope.

During the live streaming those of us who couldn’t attend were busy tweeting along with those in attendance. There was a group of us using the hashtag #NOTatRootsTech. I ‘cyber’ met lots of new people and learned many new things.

There were a few glitches. We weren’t allowed to view the keynote of Doris Kearns Goodwin which was unfortunate. The last two live streamed lectures had technical difficulties and previously recorded lectures were used in their place. They did show the recorded version of Peggy Lauritzen’s lecture about researching your female forebears after the conference had finished. This meant that I was still watching RootsTech at 7:30 Saturday night.

We got to live vicariously through our genie buddies selfies, tweets and blog posts. Periscope made an appearance this year. We got to watch Lisa Louise Cooke’s exhibit hall demo lectures live streamed via Periscope. Every time someone I follow on Periscope started live streaming I got a message so I didn’t miss anything. They were even posted on Twitter. If you were watching it in real time you could comment and ask questions.

Amy Johnson Crow showed us bag pipers in the Salt Place and the wind chimes that unfortunately weren’t chiming at the time. There was even a tour of the exhibit hall. All sorts of wild and wonderful things came out of RootsTech through the internet in real time.

I really enjoy RootsTech and am hoping the Canadian dollar improves so I can get there next year. But this is the next best thing and with the help of genie buddies sharing their experiences of RootsTech and participating online it was a great conference.


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10 thoughts on “The Experiences of a #NOTatRootsTech Attendee”

    1. Thanks True! It was a great conference. We are lucky that they think of those genealogists who can’t make it to Salt Lake City.

  1. Chances are I was lucky to go this year but don’t count on it for next year. I hope I can find a group to reuse your not hashtag!! What a great combo. I was said about the Goodwin talk as well. Hope you can do the real thing next year!

    1. Thanks for your comment Marianne. The hashtag was created several years ago by a genealogist on Twitter. It is a great way to include those who couldn’t attend in person.

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