OGS Conference 2016 – Calling all Bloggers! #OGS2016Toronto

There are over 700 of you registered to attend the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference, “Genealogy on the Cutting Edge,” in Toronto from June 3rd to 5th.

Do you blog about your family history? Well if you are going and do blog then keep an eye out for me. I will be handing out beads to all the bloggers I find at Conference this year.

If you are going to conference and have a blog then please leave a link in the comments below. Let’s see how many new genealogy blogs we can find and follow.


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If you don’t blog but are considering it, then come and have a chat. I will be happy to give you some tips and ideas to help you start blogging.


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If you haven’t registered for Conference please consider joining us. It is a wonderful gathering of people who share the passion of family history research.


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6 thoughts on “OGS Conference 2016 – Calling all Bloggers! #OGS2016Toronto”

    1. Thanks for the link Patricia. I will be there Thursday through Sunday so keep an eye out for me and I will give you your blogger beads 🙂

  1. Hi Ruth. My blog is https://storydello.wordpress.com/ It includes some non-genealogical stories, but lately almost all of the entries are about my family history. I’m here at the conference and will try to track you down tomorrow to see if I might qualify for some blogger beads. I’ve been coveting them since last year’s conference in Barrie!

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