New Announcements from RootsTech!

RootsTech have many several announcements for new events and general information.



The first is that RootsTech is going to celebrate African Heritage Day. This will be held on Friday 10th February at the Salt Palace Convention Center.  It “is a celebration of culture, unity and history of individuals of African descent from all over the world.” They will be offering classes, entertainment and the special keynote speaker is LeVar Burton. You can find out more on the official press release.


The official Grand Opening of the Discovery Experience at the Family History Library is on Wednesday 8th February.  The “state-of-the-art discovery experience is free and open to the public.”


The RootsTech App is now available for download. The only way to get the syllabus material will be through the app. Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings blog has a post telling you how he downloaded the app and syllabus material.


This year if you want to attend the Getting Started sessions you will have to purchase a separate registration for that stream.


We are getting close to the biggest genealogy event of the year! If you are going please let me know as I would love to meet up with you during the conference.



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