Time for the #RootsTech 2020 Pass Giveaway!

RootsTech 2020 has the theme of The Story of You. This is a part of family history many of us who research our family history forget.

As a RootsTech Ambassador I have one complimentary RootsTech 2020 4-day pass to giveaway. This is a value of $299 US.

This pass includes:

Over 300 classes

Keynote and General Sessions

Expo Hall

Evening Events

It does not include any paid lunches or paid labs.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post as to why you want to attend RootsTech 2020. Is this your first time? How many times have you been? What is the main reason you want to go to RootsTech 2020?

A winner will be chosen on November 29th and I will post their name on my blog.

Good luck everyone!

24 thoughts on “Time for the #RootsTech 2020 Pass Giveaway!”

  1. I have never attended a Root Web Conference and would love the opportunity to attend. I am paasoniate about finding my ancestors.

  2. Suzanne K. Malek

    I have gone to Rootstech twice before. I would like to go again this year as I am a librarian who teaches a free open genealogy lab in our library. This genealogy lab is open to our students, faculty and the public. We consider it a way of giving back to our community while promoting life long learning. When I go to Rootstech I bring back knowledge that I pass onto them. Most of the people who attend my lab are either students or retirees. Both are on restricted incomes. These are the people who benefit most from my attendance at Rootstech. Besides bringing back to them the knowledge that I learn in the classes, I also buy many books there and donate them to our library. This also ends up benefiting those students and retirees who cannot attend. Thank you.

  3. I am so excited for Rootstech! It is a great opportunity to spend time with my daughters, including Amy, and along the way we learn so much about family history. I love learning how to find and connect distant family. I hope to learn more about research in Scandinavian countries and maybe get over my fear of research on this part of my family tree. I think this will be our fourth time to attend together! We laugh and cry and laugh some more, inspired by the many people we meet. Love to connect with “cousins” on the Rootstech app! See you soon

  4. Aaah, I so love going to RootsTech! I’ve been several times before, and every time I go I learn tons of new things and reenergize my passion for family history . This year, a fellow family historian cousin is organizing a meetup with other cousins, many of whom I’ve never met. 🙂

  5. I’ve attended RootsTech before and absolutely love the journey, the people, the classes, speakers, the tools, the whole city, maybe occasional swag. $$ always tight in my home so an Ambassador pass is an incredible blessing.

  6. I would love to attend the RootsTech Conference. I have never had the opportunity to attend. Their conference is a wealth of information and learning opportunities. I have been researching family genealogy for over 20 years and you never stop learning and sharing the knowledge with others. I would love to learn new way and enhance the ones I use currently to find ancestors and relatives. I am interested in not just the names, but want to know about their daily lives, how things were in their lifetime and the places they lived, where they came from and went to, what they went though and the stories.

  7. I would be honored to win a 4 day pass to attend RootsTech2020. I have never attended a Geneology event. I would love to learn research techniques to help find my maternal grandpa’s family. My grandpa left home at the age of 15 and never returned. We never met or have any information about his family. All we know is he said his moms first name was Airlean.
    Growing up one of my father so sisters always said I wasn’t my dad’s child. Fortunately my aunt took a dna test, and she came up as a close family member. My aunt and I have no communication so I didn’t know she took a dna test. Once she saw I was a close match to her, she still refused to accept that I was her Neice. It was hurtful but I was glad a lot of the confusion she caused while growing had been cleared up.
    My main reason I would like to attend is to find ways to research to help find my family members Andy family History.

  8. Sheelin Prinzinger

    I am going to be out west in February and have never attended RootsTech. I’ve been researching my family for two decades and would love to up my game!

  9. I love RootsTech!!! I’ve been 2 other times and want to go again. I was a family history consultant in the past couple years. RootsTech helped me with the assignment. I want to learn more about research, preserving records and memories and many other things.

  10. 1. Why I want to attend RootsTech 2020 is because I love learning all the latest tips and tricks from speakers, vendors and attendees.
    2, This would be my 10 year at Rootstech. I attended the very first year and have not missed a year, so I don’t want to break my record. 🙂
    3. The mailn reason I want to attend RootsTech 2020 is because every year I gain a wealth of knowledge that I can use to search out my ancestors and help others find their family. So much treasure is held at Rootstech!!!

  11. I would love to attend! I’ve never been to RootsTech and work in a rural library syatem. I’d love to bring back ideas on how to catalogue family histories to others. Thank you for having this contest!!

  12. I’ve never been to RootsTech, so this will be my 1st time. I desire to learn and experience this function that everyone talks so much about. And I believe I’ll be hooked afterwards as so many others.

  13. I have had the opportunity to attend Roots Tech the past Two Years. Looking forward to attending again in 2020. I have enjoyed learning from others who have discovered family history stories. This has provided information and motivation to record my own history and discover and record the stories of my ancestors.

  14. Rootstech is too good to get full value in one visit. This would be my second trip and with it being the big anniversary year-there is so much to get from the experience. I totally loved the first trip and would totally expect this one to outdo that one!

  15. I have been to Roots tech 4 times but only as a vendor and would live to go and take in some of the amazing session they offer

  16. I love RootsTech! This will be my 7th year attending Rootstech. The first few years I only attended Family Discovery Day. The last 4 years I been able to go for the whole conference. We’ve made it a family affair. I attend with my Mom, sister and sister-in-law. I love learning all the new ways to search for my ancestors!

  17. I have never been to a RootsTech conference in person; only listened to the free online lectures in the background while working. Everyone in the audience always looks like they are having an amazing time. It would be fabulous to experience the energy and passion from those in attendance.

    RootsTech provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people. This is just what I need to boost my family history research. I want to focus on a couple of brickwalls in my family tree, one of which requires DNA research. The many lectures offered about DNA would help me learn more and understand how use this tool to uncover my ancestors hiding behind those brickwalls.

    It is my understanding, the technologies unveiled at RootTech conferences are amazing. I would be thankful to learn about the new tools that are coming available.

    An opportunity like this does not come along everyday. I would be most grateful to have the good fortune to listen and learn from the knowledgeable speakers and very appreciative of the hard work of those who are making RootsTech possible.

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