Author name: Ruth Blair

You won’t find it all on the Internet…

While going through my family information in preparation for the trip I have noticed one thing about my research plans. It has been a recurring theme that is just unavoidable. I won’t find everything on the Internet.

There is still an awful lot of work that can only be done in an actual building that holds items that provide information. This means using books, microfilms and other resources. It could be an old fashioned concept but one that is still necessary in family history research. The building can be an archive, library, historical society, court house, university library or family history centre.

I will admit that I love to go into libraries and just be with the books. I will go through dozens of books checking for specific and obscure information that could relate to my family history.

The darkened microfilm room with everyone intently staring at the images is a very peaceful place, except of course when you get the one microfilm reader that squeaks at every opportunity.

Then there is the one thing that brings a smile to all faces and it is when someone expresses a very excited “yes” to signify that they have found the piece of information they have been looking for and it has solved a problem. They realize their excitement has broken the silence and they quietly do a little happy dance in their chairs.

One person is usually found to be mumbling quietly to themselves, a sign of madness in some places but not a family history library. They are usually the ones who didn’t find what they were looking for and are trying to figure out where to look next.

The library is a place where you can find direct information on your family or information that will help expand your family’s history. Either way you will be enhancing your experience by leaving home to do research in an actual building.

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The Results of Checking an Item off your Genealogy Bucket List

You know how people have their “Bucket Lists” of things they really want to do or see; well I will be able to tick one of those items off my own list this year. I have the amazing opportunity of going to Salt Lake City to spend time researching in the Family History Library.

Since most of my research time is spent on client work my own family history has suffered a little over the last few years. In preparation for this trip of a life time I have been going through all my family history files (computer and paper) and genealogy database so that everything can be updated and at the same time creating research plans.

The trip has been the impetus for me to organize my own research but I can highly recommend doing this for your own family history, even if you are not going to Salt Lake City. Over the years I have occasionally found bits of information and just stuffed it in the appropriate family file or in the general family name file for safe keeping.

Since going through the information in these files some treasures I didn’t remember finding have come to light. While updating information and creating research plans I have also been putting together the pieces that were saved in my files.

Some of these pieces have filled in blanks that I had been stuck on for a while. A few have broken down a brick wall. On the other hand some have also created a brick wall and made me rethink my research. These are all good things and will benefit my research in the end.

This process started just before the New Year and it has basically been my weekend project. The difficulty has been that I get so involved with it that I don’t want to stop. My enthusiasm for my own family history research has returned with a vengeance and I love it.

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Family History: Hobby, passion or obsession?

Welcome to the Passionate Genealogist blog. My goal is to share stories and provide information and encouraging support to those who have embarked on this wonderful journey of researching family history.

Researching family history has become a very important part of my life. It is not only my profession where I help others find their ancestors; it is also my hobby as I find my own links to the past. When I travel genealogy is always involved whether by attending conferences, going to libraries and archives to do research or giving lectures. I must say I prefer a dark microfilm reading room or roaming cemeteries to a hot sunny beach.

My family has said that my passion for genealogy has turned into obsession but then there is a very fine line between the two. All I know is that I get great enjoyment out of finding new information and new links. It doesn’t matter if it is with my own family or my clients; I get the same great excitement.

Personal and client family history isn’t my only reason to do research. I have found interesting individuals in my community and other places. These people have taken my fancy for some reason and off I go again. Local history projects that I am undertaking also provide new research opportunities.

I will tell you the stories of my own research and the research into those that have taken my fancy in future blog entries.

Is family history a hobby, a passion or an obsession for me? Yes to all three.

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