Do Not Believe Everything You Read!

It is important not to take everything you read at face value even if it is from a reputable source.

Humphrey Charles Minchin was my four times Great Grandfather. The Minchin family was from county Tipperary. Their family history is found in “Burke’s Irish Family Records”

According to this reference book Humphrey Charles Minchin first married Frances Catherine Sirr on 14 Jan 1775 in Dublin. Humphrey’s second marriage was to Arabella Ashworth in 1812. Above the notation to Humphrey’s second marriage is a reference to his daughter Louisa Arabella and it says she was born in 1821 and married Walter Bourne.

Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd, editor, Burke's Irish Family Records (London, U.K.: Burkes Peerage Ltd, 1976)

This information would suggest that Louisa Arabella is a daughter from Humphrey’s second marriage. How many people would take this information as it is found?

The truth about this family is that Humphrey and Frances did marry on 14 Jan 1775. They had six children before Frances died in 1810. Their last child Louisa Arabella was born circa 1800 not 1821. This is where the information needs to be unraveled.

Louisa Arabella Minchin married Walter Bourne on 6 Aug 1821 in the Parish of Taney. The record is found in the parish registers. Louisa died on 2 Jan 1882 and her death certificate says she was 82 years of age. Her first child was born on 22 Aug 1822 and baptized shortly thereafter.

Humphrey married Arabella Ashworth on 6 Jul 1812 in the parish of St. Peter’s in Dublin. A reference to this marriage was found in the parish register at the Representative Church Body Library for the Church of Ireland.

The notation of b is probably a typo and should read m.

Please remember not to believe everything you read. Reference books are a great resource but please research further to verify the accuracy of the information.

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