Our Research Packages

All local research is conducted at the Archives of Ontario, the Toronto Reference Library, the North York Public Library, and other Ontario repositories. International research will be conducted at the Mormon Family History Centre, the Toronto Reference Library and repositories in the Country of Origin. To begin a research project, please send as much information as you have on the family you want researched – no information is too small or irrelevant. Sources of information can be as follows: names, dates, places or events – such as marriages, births or deaths.

Some of the extra costs that are not covered under the displayed fee structure are fees for certification requests, extra copies, extra travel expenses, etc.

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All packages offer a review of your family records and knowledge, coupled with the development of an initial research plan. Each package includes the start of the initial research, copies of documents found, a report documenting the records found and how they affect your family history, as well as providing suggestions for future research possibilities. Once you receive the report, you can decide if you would like to continue your research and which package would be appropriate for your needs. Positive results cannot be guaranteed, however, I will do my best to uncover any information that can be reasonably found for a research request. Copies of the information will not be kept once the report is sent. The research will be done in a timely fashion.

We hope any information collected on your behalf helps you to add new knowledge that benefits your family story.

The Packages

Scouting   6 hours $270
Examination 12 hours $540
Investigation 18 hours $810
Platinum 30 hours $1,350
Genealogist Retainer 10 hours per month $500

Other Packages – $50 per hour

Genealogy Coach
If you want to do the research yourself but don’t know where to begin, or you are not familiar with the Archives of Ontario or other Toronto repositories, we will take you through the process of making your research plan and advise you on what repositories and databases can best serve your research requirements.

Country of Origin
Has your research gone beyond Canada to Ireland, Scotland or England? We can research your family history in these countries as well.

Custom Research
If nothing seems to fit your needs contact us and we can customize a research package for your specific needs.

Genealogy Tourism
Locally in Ontario as well as Ireland, England and Scotland

Touring the Research Trail in Dublin
Join us on a research trip to Dublin to visit the local repositories. The price for this trip includes: the hotel, breakfast, analysis of your family history research to date, preparation of your research plan for the trip and guidance through the research process in Dublin.

Genealogy Tour Guide
Do you want someone to travel with you and help you discover your family history? We can take you to Ireland, Scotland and/or England and walk you through the process of researching your family history. If enough is known about your family before the trip then we can try and arrange visits to areas where the family originated.

Genealogy Trip Preparation
You want to take a genealogy research trip to your family’s country of origin and are not sure where to begin. We can help you organize your trip and visit the places of interest to your family history. If you want to do research while in Ireland, England or Scotland, then we can create a research plan and provide information packages to the repositories where you will be doing your research.

Preparing your Research Travel Plan
Going to Ireland, Scotland and/or England to do research? Let us help you to create a research plan that will provide you with the tools to do research in these countries.


Specific Record Search
Do you want a specific record searched maybe vital statistics, probate, census or newspaper? We can help you with that search.

Family Ephemera Organizer
Do you have a container full of family information and don’t know where to begin? We will go through all that information and create a list, abstracting family information to create a timeline and a research plan to help you with your research.

House and Business History
Do you want to learn more about the history of your house or the land on which it stands? Or, do you have a business in an old building and want to know more about the history of the building? Or, you have a business that has been around for a long time and want a history of the business itself to celebrate an anniversary? Then this is the package for you.

For more information and pricing details on these or other services offered by Blair Archival Research, please contact Ruth Blair at:

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