After reading your research for my paternal line, I was quite impressed. Thank you for such a thorough report. I will be using this information on our trip to Scotland next week. Thank you again for all your diligent hard work.
TK – California


I’m an amateur genealogist who has used the services of Blair Archival Research for over five years. With both a full-time ‘day-job’ and a full-time family, my free time for genealogical research is quite limited. Blair Archival Research has been invaluable in finding copies of original Ontario birth, marriage and death registrations for my ancestors, as well as performing searches of Ontario records covering my specific areas of interest. In my dealings with this company, their professionalism, courtesy, and genuine interest in helping clients solve family history research problems have been obvious.
WS – Alberta


Ruth’s experience and expertise has been invaluable to me in researching my English roots
JJ – Ontario


Out of time for family research or in need of experienced help? You can be sure of accurate results from Blair Archival Research. I would highly recommend them.
JPO – Ontario


Your Irish Research book arrived and I read it cover to cover. Loved it! Your book is so helpful. Will feel much more comfortable entering these facilities thanks to you. Thank you for writing it.
CS – Florida


I am pleased to have this opportunity to testify on your behalf. Blair Archival Research has provided a trustworthy, reliable research engine for my personal research into my family tree here in Ontario and in Yorkshire.

The response of Ruth Blair to my enquiries was always professional, polite and helpful. Information was forwarded to me within a reasonable length of time. The fees fell well within the budget of the average “searcher”.
MD – Ontario


I have used Blair Archival Research several times and found Ruth invaluable. A family mystery was resolved and an unknown brother of my own Mother came to light. Ruth never gives up and spreads her search to all known documents. I shall ever be in her debt for the help she gave me.
RS – England


I first learned about Blair Archival Research in 2005 when I was discussing genealogy with a distant relative. She had used the service and I asked her if she would recommend it as I was in need of some professional help. She recommended the service.

I have used Blair Archival Research twice now in the last year and will use it again in the future as I need it to supplement and extend my own research. Ms. Blair has provided prompt service and has provided an extensive summary report and copies of all documentation searched. She has then recommended next steps. Finally when I have had question she has answered them. I recommend this service.
PR – Ontario


A careful, experienced and credentialed genealogist, Ruth Blair is painstaking in her research, and only finds “real” ancestors. She checks and double checks the documents, and is not given to flights of fancy. I would rely completely on the accuracy of any information Ruth found for me.
NR – New Jersey